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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Judgmental Mind

Swami Vishwananda: Our Mind
Our mind is one subject that I like to talk about. First of all, what do we understand of the mind? Mind is: thought, experience, limitation, judgment, boring, worries. All these are qualities of the mind, but yet, not the mind itself. The mind is very quick in creating different realities and different qualities. Judgment is the first quality with which the mind is very good. Experience comes afterwards, because throughout the judgment and throughout the worries, you are experiencing everything. So, the greatest quality of the mind is judgment, and from judgment comes other qualities like criticising, the pride and the ego. All these are qualities of judgment.

Krishna said, ''If the mind dwells on a certain object in the outside, one becomes similar to that object. I will not say that if your mind dwells on a pumpkin, you will become like a pumpkin, but you will have similar qualities. You will be lazy, and you'll be heavy. You develop certain qualities. So that's why it's said to let the mind dwell on the Divine; let the mind be positive. Of course one will say, well, it's easy to say, but difficult to do! But, actually, it is not difficult if you train yourself to think positive and be aware at each moment whether this is a judgment, or is this a criticism? You then analyze it not outside of you, but on yourself, and you'll be able to train your mind.

So, how many people really listen? Here they listen, then they forget, but they're quickly, talking, talking, talking. The tongue goes faster. Sometimes, they're still thinking what they will talk, but the tongue has already said it. This is how quickly the tongue goes. So, watch yourself, you know, daily analyze yourself. Again, I said analyze, not judging, to see how you are functioning, how the mind is functioning. How many judgements have you put? And see if it is judgment or criticism; see it in yourself. Where does this path lie within me? Because if I am seeing a fault in somebody else, it has to be inside of me; it's a mirror. Like that, little by little, you will be able to change yourself, to change your mind, firstly, so that the self can reveal itself to you. So, it's not a process of one month, but it's a daily process throughout life, but it depends on you to change now, to start it now. Perhaps, later on, one day, you will be able when you hear your inner voice, to hear the Divine inside of you. You will be happy listening to this voice and follow it. Jai Guru Dev.