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Monday, August 10, 2009

His way of teaching

I often see that Swami Vishwananda converses and helps those people who are perhaps going through difficult times in their lives. He is usually the one who approaches them, and starts giving them loving advice and solutions’, all the while, knowing every single thought that crosses their minds. It took me some time to grow accustomed to the fact that my thoughts, feelings and negativity were like an open book before the eyes of my Master. His was of teaching is so subtle and gentle. Swami Vishwananda never tries to interfere with our free will, yet again and again, He gives us guidelines and advice through certain circumstances, experiences or even “accidentally” spoken words. If you really want to hear and know what you need in order to change, He will tell you in many different ways. I often feel that I am blind, and that Swami is constantly giving me so much Love and Knowledge, yet I am unable to neither recognize nor assimilate this, due to the blindness of my own ego. Nevertheless, the Guru continues to throw these diamonds around Himself, regardless of the criticism that may come His way, in the hope that one of these diamonds will fall on the fertile soil of human consciousness.  (from M. Germany)

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