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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Chaitanya (picture) - Swami Vishwananda
There was a saint, Chaitanya Das Maharaj, who lived in the 17th century. He always vibrated Gauranga, Gauranga, who is another aspect of Krishna who appeared in 1500. Even while he was sleeping, people would hear 'Gauranga, Gauranga, Gauranga, Gauranga' vibrating from him. Each breath Chaitanya took changed to Gauranga. Chaitanya elevated himself into such a Divine spiritual advancement, that even when he took Samadhi, his whole body was vibrating Gauranga, Gauranga.

By chanting you are making proper use of your tongue. By reciting the name of God, you also are utilizing the hearing, which will become finer until you realize the Divine vibration within yourself. Chanting and attuning to the Divine vibration will lead you to Self-realization or God-realization. Thereby, you attain the love of God completely.

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Let chant the name of the Lord.