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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Swami Vishwananda Master Teacher

Master, Take Me By The Hand. . .
Once a Master was asked by his disciple,
“How is it to find God?” The teacher took the disciple by the hand and dragged him into the water of the Ganges River. When the disciple was in the river, the teacher took the head of the disciple and forced it under the water.

What is happening?

After some time the teacher pulled the head of the disciple out of the river and asked him: “How was it?” The disciple said: “I was trying to breathe for I was suffocating. I was trying to grasp some air; I was battling for air.” The teacher smiled and said: “You want to find God? It is this way. You have to try your best. When this longing for the Divine or for realization, God-realization, whatever name you put on it, is like really suffocating yourself, when you can’t even breathe, then you can say, ”Yes, I’m on the way towards Divinity.” As long as this longing is not like that, you are still here in this world. And that’s how it is to find God.

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