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Thursday, February 17, 2011


The true Self of man is Satchidananda Sat: Being. Through Sat -existence - only as a mere human, without realising the Chid and Ananda, you can´t come to the point of complete realization only with this one aspect. You can´t come to the point of realization with two aspects. Sat and Chid: Consciousness, and then this Ananda, which is Bliss. We call that Satchidananda. So the human being is Satchidananda also. The body, the mind and the soul, which is everlasting.

Sri Swami Vishwananda

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Anonymous said...

...Maybe we are not what we took for granted that we are? Why not check it ? Maybe we dont exist at all? Or Maybe there is only Being-ness? Then who we are in it? As long as we dont admit that the personal identity we defend so much - may not exist and the whole conceptualisation built around it is invalid - we have no chance to investigate into who we really are! But that may require questioning all we think we know. Unless we are ready to examin who we are to move to a different perspective/level of understanding nobody can help us! We have to start from the begining with the basic question and unless we find the answer all the world built around our mental perception - is inadequate when addressing the Truth of our nature and our world!...Maybe we are too intellignet to recognise that we dont exist as what we think that exist! Maybe we know too much to notice that we based all our understanding on the false presumtion! Maybe it is about the time to question everything and see... what is left!?....