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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swami Vishwananda Speaks of Relationship with Mahavatar Babaji

Swami Vishwananda Speaks of Cultivating
Relationship with Mahavatar Babaji


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,
How can God Himself Swami Vishwananda lead us to the Highest if we do not completely give ourselves to Him, fully entrust our body-mind-soul into Him with absolute faith following only His instruction at each step? We dont need to understand nor we are capable of knowing Him & the spiritual science but all we need is to stop using our mind, Love our Divine Master and let Him help us without any "but", any doubt - just totally give up our control to Him!
Let Thy Will Be Done Our Glorius Satguru Full Divine Manifestation!

Anonymous said...

Dear Swamiji,
Babaji Himself showed us the true love culminating in total surrender:
(...)"Nagaraj lived alone in a cave practicing the yogic techniques which Boganathar and Agastyar has taught him. In so doing, he surrendered his ego, all the way down to the level of the cells in his body, to the Divine, which descended into him. He became a siddha, one who has surrendered to the power and consciousness of the Divine!" May we be intelligent enough to recognise our limitations
and submit our ignorant mind to You and finally loose ourself in You!

Anonymous said...

Lets follow in the footsteps of Babaji and Swami Vishwananda:

"One cannot really know who Babaji is, or even begin to conceive of his grandeur, without appreciating the culture of the Siddhas from which he has emerged. Rather than seeking an other worldly escape in some heaven, after realizing the presence of the Divine within, the Siddhas sought to surrender their entire being to It, and to allow It to manifest at all levels. They sought a complete transformation of our human nature."