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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Continuation of the interview given by Swami Vishwananda

-          How do you know this inner call?
People have a house but they feel something is missing; they have this urge to know more. You buy an object after the other and you are not satisfied, there is always something lacking. This deep emptiness can be filled by everyone, the urge to know more. When you turn inwardly, you have this satisfaction inside yourself.
One learns to observe. People feel it. When they took a decision in life the first feeling they have is always the right one. But the mind comes and the reason told them something else to do. Oops it was wrong. The first feeling was right.
-          People are desperate today, what is your message today for them?
When you look at the word, you see that there is a lack of trust. First on has to trust one self. For sure, we are imperfect, but we are all on the way to perfection. When we try to accept oneself: We see our negative qualities but we should stop to focus on our negativity  and focus on love and positivity. Instead to concentrate on fear and worry we should hold on to positive.
-          Today, people run after material things.
Yes, this brings unhappiness. They try to compare what the others have and think: I still have to reach there, what the others have. Every work is good and important, everybody is in the right place where he is and works.
-          The old values we had in the past are decreasing. Why?
The youngsters have a lot of questions. The elders don’t have time to listen. What happens is that the youngsters look then elsewhere: outside and not inside. The respect has to be both ways. Like what Mahatma Gandhi said when a mother asked Gandhi :
-          Could you please say to my child to stop eating sweets.  Gandhi answered her :
-          Please come in one week with your child.
When they came, Gandhi said to the child:
-          - You should stop eating sweets. The mother asked Gandhi :
-          - Why couldn’t you tell him to stop eating sweets last week?
Gandhi answered:
-          - I had to stop it myself.  I also love to eat sweets. To advice the child I had to stop myself eating sweets.
The child then stopped eating sweets. You see the respect has to be both ways.
-          What is the place of woman?
Woman are the foundation of the culture. In the Hindu tradition always comes first the mother. In the religion also first you call the femine aspect first: Lakshmi Narayan, Sita Ram, Gauri Shankar… The feminine qualities are the sensitiveness, the understanding; Women carry the motherly qualities inside. The mother is always there for the children and always understands the child. The father is strictness and the mother is love.
-          Could you say something for the spiritual growth of the Mauritian people?
They should start their spiritual path. Sitting quietly for 15mn a day and forget every thing.
-          In the media you can see there is more and more criminality in the society. Why?
What is our duty toward our country? What do we want to show to the world? There was the unity of all the religions in this country, we have to carry on with it. Criminality is because of all the drugs. It’s all about a way of education. You have to explain to the child why something is not good. The government does a good job by giving education to everybody and that will change certain things. It is a choice to be good or not good, to be happy or unhappy. Somebody came to me and told me: I like to take drugs it makes me happy and I asked him: Does it makes you always happy?  - No only when I take the drug. – Then the depression comes back? – Yes – So the depression did not disappear afterwards? –No, still there. – They don’t realize that the depression doesn’t disappear because they are bind by habit. Everything which is bind by habit is difficult to let go. Once you realize that you are bind by a habit, you can get out of it. When one changes then it changes also your surroundings.
-          What would you like to say to the youngsters?
 -          First Be yourself.  Then respect the elders, it has to be on both ways. The elder have also to respect the  younger. In the past the parents were exemple and showing respect.  Then find out what you really want, most of the time they do what the parents want. You have to stand on your own feet. 

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