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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Satsang of Swami Vishwananda about surrender

Surrender does not mean to leave the world. You have to do your duty, your Dharma. Outside you can have a luxurious life, but inside you have to surrender to Him. Automatically, you can have outside everything but this will not make you happy. Like Mirabai, she was a princess, she had everything but she was not happy. You have to do your dharma outside in life. Look I play more human than anybody. This is my role, I have to do it. Otherwise I can’t be here. Like that you have to go to school, to your job. But bear in mind what is inside of you. Neverforget about that.Trough out life tests will come and you have to challenge it. If you past the tests you can move to surrendering. Surrender is not to say: OK I love God, I love God, I am surrendering. It is not so easy. You have to surrender completely to Him. If you have sincerely surrendered yourself, nothing can move you. Once you have surrender, you are rooted in yourself. More your surrender more difficult it becomes in the outside. Then it will come left and right but nothing can move you. The outside stay outside.

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