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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leave Everything to Narayana-Vishnu

Swami Vishwananda: We often ask ourselves how it is to unite with God. We ask, how is this unification and what does one feel in this merging with God?
Narayana-Vishnu & Maha Lakshmi
Actually, when one comes to a point of self-realization, or one has come to the point of complete union with God, one doesn’t ask any questions such as how is this and how is that? Because all the questions and all these things are in the mind. It’s the mind that asks questions.

You have to transcend the mind to understand devotion. Unless you transcend the mind, you will always ask the question, "How is it to unite with God? Th
e mind always wants to be fed with negativity and this is where the mind gets it’s power. The more You feed the mind, the more the mind will have control. The mind's game is to control you, play the game with you, and to make you dance in his game? The more you dance in the game of the mind, the more you will be suffering in it. The more you suffer, the more you will complain. As long as you do not surrender the mind, it’s difficult. And how to surrender the mind is only by chanting the name of God continuously. Loudly chant the name of God. Surrender to the lotus feet of Narayana and leave everything to Him.

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