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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lord Give Me Happiness

We are always on a search. We search for who we are, and we search to understand why we are here on Earth. Many times this searching clicks in the mind, and we ask, “Am I just an incarnation of man born here on Earth?”
You see, this search can last for years and years. You can go around the world looking for some deep experience and to find something that truly will satisfy you. But, because humans always desire new things, you enjoy whatever you have for some time and then the desire disappears. Then you desire something else. Humans always create desires, and you will keep on desiring as long as you want material things. One desire will lead you to another. Do you think this is the true incarnation of mankind? No!

Human beings are said to be Satchitananda. This is a Sanskrit word. Sat means Existence; Chit, the Consciousness; and Ananda is Bliss. Everybody wants bliss, everybody wants to be happy. But if you really, really want to be happy, then you have to be sincere and truthful towards yourself. Then you can ask God, “Lord, give me happiness.” And do you think he will refuse you? He will give what you ask to you. Then it is upon you to maintain the happiness. It is upon you to keep it and help it grow.

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