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Monday, December 28, 2009

Let The Yogi Inside You Make Choices

Become Like a Child And Enter The Kingdom of Heaven Within
-Christ Jesus
Swami Vishwananda Teaching (Excerpted from Pre-Darshan Speech December 26, 2009): We are scared to look at our limitation. We ask ourselves, “What if this limitation is everything?” What you have to do is to face your own limitation. You know very well that this limitation is not you. It is not limitation that is the purpose for which you are here (on Earth). Face it; look deep into the eyes of this limitation and let go of it. As long as you do not look deep into the eyes and face of your limitation, by yourself, you always will be into its game. Unless you like it! Do you? You have free will choice about that.

A great Sufi once said: “You have the choice in life to take it this way or that way; it is your choice.” You are free in that choice, but you will come to a point where the Yogi which is inside of you, the greatness which is inside of you, will have to take the choice also. Your True Self will have to take the choice. And this true choice that is inside of you will overtake the limitation of what you think it is. So, cross over this limitation, face it, don´t have fear. Start first with little things. You know yourself. You know that God will always provide for you. Animal knows that God will provide and we are given more qualities than an animal. So we can realize who we are and that we are all one family that we call humanity.

Everybody talks about humanity but very few really behave human. So, if we say of ourselves that we are part of this society and that we are part of humanity, we should not then behave like an animal. Even animals behave better in society than most humans because they know who they are and they know where they are heading. They trust in the higher consciousness that God will always provide. We have more qualities than an animal, but we pitiful human beings like to degrade ourselves. We like to make ourselves worse than we are actually It is time to cross over this limitation. It is time that you really let what you have inside of you awaken. How many among you, out of fear of what people think of you, are doing or not doing something? Many—and you are limiting yourselves. Be free! That is what your voice inside is calling to you. Your inner voice tells you be free, to learn, and to move on. Truly, life is the most beautiful thing that God has given you. Don´t waste it!

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Anonymous said...

It seems that the pendulum is swinging both ways at once. Man/Woman being the pendulum. To one side are those who are moving to embrace this planetary shift to higher consciousness and to the other are those moving back - fighting change.

Are we destined to do battle or make peace? Why is it so many Christians fail to acknowledge that Jeshua was a Jew? Why no mention of Jewish saints and realized masters? There are many Kabbalistic masters -some hidden some revealed. Eyes , hearts, minds - are opening everywhere.

The Old Testament is not Christian - it is Jewish. Many of the great sages were martyred during the Holocaust - a remnant remained and are now teaching and practicing openly. We are all brothers and sisters of the same light - are we not? "The Light that is in me is also in you - if it were not so i would have told you."

Masters know Masters - the Light recognizes the Light. The Love of God is no respector of person.

Are not all true mystics Yogis? Are not all meditators on the path regardless of tradition.?

As the pendulum swings - i see a polarization happening - am i wrong? And if so - what have we to do? Will our combined Love and desire to see all liberated - in combined focused prayer and intent - be enough to force a shift to planetary enlightenment?

Lokah Sanmasta Sukino B'Vantu
May All Beings Be Liberated

May the True Keepers of the Flame Rejoice and recognize there true Brothers and Sisters.

IN that day - some will say to me - Lord have we not loved you and served you? And then i will say to them, When did you see me hungry and give me bread? When did you see me homless and give me shelter? When did you see me sick and sufferring and visited me? And in that day I shall say to them - Depart from me ye workers of iniquity - for I never new you."

Mother/Father - help us all to be instruments of your Divine Grace - to not hold back - to see you in the eyes of the displaced, the needy, and the hurting and Bless us that we may become Divine instruments of your Grace and Love.

Mother has said, "Children, I am but one Mother - but this World needs a Thousand Mothers right now." Beloved - hasten our full enlightenment - help us all to become the Jivan Muktis that the World needs right now! Amen v Amen

And may we all shine with the Light of a Thousand Suns and Heal with the Light of a Thousand Moons.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti - Shalom!