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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Swami Vishwananda Speaks of Christ Jesus

True Meaning of Christmas: As one matures and grows older with the years, you understand the deeper meaning of Christmas. It’s not just a festival where you go to Churches. People of the Christian tradition like to go to Churches for Midnight Mass. And I have been to the Hindu Bhajan singing. Actually, Christmas is not about that! It’s true that Christ was born some 2000 years ago.

Christmas is about celebrating Christ’s birth and life. Because He brought something new to the world; Jesus gave the teaching of forgiveness with Love.Along with Christ, many Avatars have come to Earth. For sure, they all have brought Love, but the Love did not include forgiving. Many Saints have come, prophets have come, but the Love was just, “Yes, I love you”, but there was always a condition to the Love. And also if you did something wrong to them, you would get back what is wrong. But Jesus brought this forgiveness, unconditional love, which is a greater teaching, a greater way of being.

That’s why in prayer the Christians keep reminding all to forgive what you have done wrong, forgiveness of yourself actually. You yourself forgive. It’s not about God forgiving you, but you forgiving yourself.Focus on the Love that you carry inside of you. And Christ is born. It’s nice outside to celebrate Him, but Christ is born inside each one of us. And this rebirth is not only because of Christmas time. He is born continuously in each cell of your body.

Sending all readers wishes for a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas and Harmonious, Peaceful and Loving Spiritual Advancement in 2010. -Utpalavati

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