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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Conversing With The Divine

Swami Vishwananda: Sit quietly and start the conversation with the Divine within yourself. It is only in silence that you will be able to control your thoughts. Talk less! People who keep talking and talking are running away. They are scared of seeing the truth and that is why they talk and talk.

If you want to start the conversation with The Divine within yourself, be silent as much as possible. If you want to continue communication with man, then keep talking. Do you know how beautiful it is to listen to The Divine inside yourself? It is the most beautiful thing and I can’t express it in words because words are limited. From the form to the formless and from the name to the nameless, this is The Divine in each of you. It is so beautiful and filling to be always in this place, in this awareness. There you find that you are not separate from The Divine. Whenever you do something there is always a gap, something that is unsatisfied. Whereas, when you have discovered The Reality within you, whatever you do, the satisfaction will be complete!

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