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Friday, October 9, 2009

Master Teacher at Fourteen

At the beginning of 1991, and for many months, I included in my daily prayers, Oh Lord I wish to find the Master of Masters, but he must be younger than sixteen years old. So I prayed fervently month after month. After an experience at the entrance of an ashram in South India in the year 1992, I realized my request was granted. It is as vivid in my mind today as if it had just happened. I will never forget that awesome experience.

I was standing in the entrance gate of a large ashram in Southern India, contemplative and peaceful. Three ladies rushed through the entrance with a small boy between them. He looked into my eyes and smiled at me. I felt this surge of energy sweep through my body. My head felt like it was on fire and my heart was racing. I was visibly moved and I never forgot that incident.

Six years later in 1998, I saw this special boy again and learned his name, Swami Vishwananda! Quite soon thereafter we became friends. Once after many years, I asked him, “Swami, how old were you when we met for the first time at that ashram in South India?” He smilingly replied, “Fourteen years old!”
—Urs Keller - Switzerland

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