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Friday, October 23, 2009

Reaching the Stage of Mukhya Bhakti

Swami Vishwananda with manifested Hiranyangarbha Lingam

Love unconditionally! Love without limit! Love without expecting anything! Love for the sake of Loving. Realize this love is ever-flowing and the more you give, the more you receive. Give for the sake of giving. That is what you are here for.

Note: The Hiranyangarbha Lingam Swami Vishwananda manifested and holds in His hand is Pure Consciousness, Cosmic Divinity, Primal Cause, The Cosmic Mind multiplied by infinity, and the Universal Consciousness.

Mahavatar Babaji: Loving unconditionally is the stage on the Bhakti Marga Path known as Mukhya Bhakti: This is the stage in the sadhaka’s life (spiritual aspirant) where service to the Lord alone matters and the service is its own reward. There are no expectations at this stage. When one reaches Mukhya Bhakti, one “loves for the sake of loving and gives for the sake of giving.” And so it is eternally and forevermore. Yours, in Truth — Babaji

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