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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Cosmic Mind Key to Happiness and Joy

Two galaxies merging: Represents your cosmic mind merging with your doubts . . . . your opportunity to create faith, happiness and joy

Swami Vishwananda: Like I always say, have faith in your own Self. Have faith that what you are hearing within your heart is true. So many times you hear your heart, but you doubt it. You ask yourself, “Oh, is this really true or not?” You often have doubt like that. As long as you do not believe in what the Divine wants to show you, you will not advance.

The moment you really have faith in what you feel inside your heart, it will manifest in the outside world. Like I say, God gave man the power to create, to have power over everything. You have within you the willpower of construction that comes from the constructive willpower inside the mind.

Very often we say the mind is something apart, something which is very negative. It is true that very often the mind is negative, but we have within us the power to transform it.

Deep inside . . . .
The inner Cosmic Mind . . . .
Therein lies also the Divine.
That is the point where
We have to use the mind
To achieve the higher state.

As long as man tries to hold onto even one material thing, he will stay on the material level. If you turn inward and focus on the Divine Within [your cosmic mind], the Self, you will feel great happiness and great joy.

But for that you must lock in your faith.

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