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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Choosing To Love Painfully Or Divinely

Swami Vishwananda: Love can create pain, but it also can create great joy. Why does it create pain? It’s how we see it. Love can be painful when we want something and we do not get it; then it is painful. But if, in love, we get what we want, it’s joyful. You have the choice.

Many will say that very often it is even painful to love God. Love is not accessible so easily and that’s what makes it painful. If we have God, very often we take Him for granted and we don’t really enjoy Him. But when we do not have Him, we realize what we have lost.

Hanuman Great Devotee of Lord Rama
Who Loves Painlessly, Divinely, Unconditionally

In fact, we do not really lose God. He is there all the time. It’s just that God shadows Himself so that we can realize how Great He Is.

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Anonymous said...

When someone we have Loved so deeply and even journeyed with spiritually stops short - does not share our experience anymore - and will no longer sit with us in meditation or prayer - what do we do?