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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jesus and Krishna Taught Us

Swami Vishwananda: What have all the great masters like Jesus and Krishna taught us?
They have taught us to realise our Self! They have taught us the way. There are different ways to realise the Divine:

There is the path of bhakti.
There is the path of service.
There is the path of meditation.
But each path has its own way to realise the Divine.

An Example:
"When the mother is holding her child, there is no condition (Unconditional Love). Such is also the love of God. Whatever you have done good or bad, when you turn to Him, who has the love of a million mothers inside of Him, He will happily forgive."
-Swami Vishwananda

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Anonymous said...

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Any seeker of God, children and youth can recite this prayer any number of hours daily to attune with Sri Babaji since their infancy. Set a goal to meditate for 10,000 hours in a decade or two to clean all of your past bad karmas. Children should learn kriya yoga between the ages 12 to 15.

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