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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Love is the Absence of Fear

Swami Vishwananda at Satsang in Springen
Knowingly and unknowingly, all of you actually are here to open the heart. You are here to know who you really are, not here in this room, but here in this world. Often people come and ask me about how to open their heart. For me it is very easy to answer this question as I know how the heart is opened. When I tell them how to open the heart, it depends on whether the person will accept it or not. First I will answer with this question, “Do you love?” Then the person will tell me, “Yes, I love!” I then ask them, “But do you love yourself?"

The main and the important thing is that we love towards the outside. Yet in the same way that we love the outside, we judge the outside. As easy as it is to love, it is as easy to judge. You see, mankind is made in such a way that attention is always turned towards the outside and rarely one’s attention is turned towards the inside.

And searching means to go inside! The moment you stop judging, the moment you stop looking for faults in others, you will start loving everybody truly. And therefore you have to start looking within yourself and looking at what you have to change in your life. I’m not telling you to judge yourself, but to look at the negative part of you and face it. By looking at the negativity you will see that you have created it. To understand love is simple; it is just the absence of fear. Out of fear you can’t understand unconditional love. When people really want to understand love and who they are, they will!

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Yisrael said...

This is absolutely True!

"And searching means to go inside! The moment you stop judging, the moment you stop looking for faults in others, you will start loving everybody truly."

It begins with the willingness to open your heart completely and trust the process of your meditation - to be completely focused on your heart and the willingness to view honestly.

To Demand from The One the All - to Demand your birthright with the burning desire that melts gold and purifies your soul, by shrinking ego to its proper place. Demad to Truly Know - Demand from a place of humility but never, never give up!

In the form of Divine Mother - She cannot resist the pleas of Her devoted children who seek Her with all their hearts, soul, and minds - with weeping that comes from deep compassion and a desire to share with the world Love beyond measure!

Paramhansa Yogananda was quoted as declaring "The time for knowing God has come!" It appears to me that the Masters are now saying, "The time for Liberation has come!"

IF you are blessed enough to be in the presence of your fellow chelas in the company of your Guruji - take advantage and dive deep - do not settle for anything less than the most precious sacred Pearl.

Jai Guru Dev - Yisrael

PS When you truly see those before you in their purest form - with no veils of ego - you will see them as the Divine sees them. This is the right View. Lokah Samasta Sukinoh B'Vantu!