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Monday, November 9, 2009

Free Will – Fact or Fiction

Swami Vishwananda:
What is free will? Do you think free will is the things that we do every day? Is free will expressed when we say, “Yes, I have done this and I have done that?” It is true that we have a certain will. Actually, we can choose which way and how we want our life, whereas an animal does not have that choice, that will.

God has given us will; He has given us choice.Through choice we are free. That’s why we call it free will. We have free will of choice, but even that choice is predestined. It’s not that God is playing with us, but the way our life has been created is our own manifestation. In reality, we are part of the Divine. We say that this whole world is God’s creation, but in reality it’s the manifestation of our Self.

There is a Saint that said, “We made the world how we want it.” It’s true! If this world was how God wanted it, there would be peace.

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