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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Judging You

Our mind functions in a way that it is very easy to look at the bad things only. Then we start judging ourselves, “Oh, I’m bad, I’m this or that.” But you are Divine, above all. See yourself the way God looks at you. Do you think God sees the negativity? Let’s think a little bit. Put yourself in the place of God. How would you see the world?

The human mind likes to judge a lot of things. We say that God is punishing people. God is doing this and God is doing that. However, it is not like that. It’s our own self; it’s we who see and say these things. But the Divine doesn’t see it like we do. When you rise to such a level of consciousness that you do not see any good or bad, everything becomes neutral for you because the Divine resides everywhere.

So try to practice this every day; imagine yourself as God! Watch whether you really see the negativity or if you see everything as God, as your own self. If you practice this every day, I tell you the time will come where there will be no difference. You will feel the peace of God everywhere. And wherever you go and with whomever you are talking, there will be this peace and love. You all are looking for this love and peace.

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Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,
Dear sisters and brothers,

I am missing You

it´s not smart,
it´s not strong,
it´s not helpful,
it´s just like it is...