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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sadhana 24--7 -- It's Easy The Gurudev Way

Sadhana is not to be practiced in the morning only, but during the whole day. Doing our daily Sadhana includes also to self-analyze ourselves and our day. At night before you go to bed, sit down and reflect on the day. Look at what you have done that is good and what you have not done well. Because what you have done that is good will bring joy to you, and what you have not done well leaves a trace of agitation inside of you. The disturbance comes because you try to rectify your actions.

When God sees that you are trying to rectify your daily actions, He will help you through His grace and love. He will remove all the pride and ego that you have, because He is merciful. We say God is merciful. And as He is merciful, He will give you what you ask. But God gives only as long as you know what you are asking, because sometimes you are asking for something that will put you in trouble.
So, know what you are asking from God.

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