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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

God Gives According to Time

And Short Report from Drishti
Kartik Purnima Celebration last night

Swami Vishwananda: Know one thing. Whatever God gives, He gives according to its time and according to whether you can handle things or not. He will not give you something that out of it you will make a big mess. He will not give you realization until you can handle realization. It's not just about saying, “I am self-realized in an egotistic way." It’s not like that. There is also a big responsibility and you have to go through certain purification to attain realization.

Self-realization takes determination and depends on each one individually, because spirituality is an individual path. And Of course the Master can make it happen. When the disciple is really, and sincerely ready, a touch of the Master can give realization just like that. But like I said: we have to have the determination.

From Drishti, Springen: http://swamivishwananda-info.blogspot.com/2009/11/kartik-purnima-celebration.html
Picture above is of Swami Vishwananda as he celebrated Kartik Purnima last night, Monday, November 2009, with an Abishekam, and a Yagna which was very strong. He told us the story about Tulsi Devi and Vishnu. There where a lot of Bhajans sang the whole night, along with dancing and much joy!

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