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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Creation or Destruction – Your Choice

Christ Jesus
From Destruction of Physical Body

To Creation of Light Being
Swami Vishwananda: You can create or you can destroy. It’s upon each one of you how to control what you create. So the first and best thing that you can do in spirituality is to control the thought. The more the thought is negative it reflects outside. Very often this negative thought is about one’s own self. You think that you are bad and negative. First, we have to change the thoughts about our self. Then we can change the thought toward other people. Thought is very easy to control. You don’t need to sit down to control it [sit to meditate]. When the thought is passing through your mind you know about the thought. You know whether it is positive or negative.

When thought is positive, it will be constructive. Feed positive thought and then let it grow! But when thought is negative, then do not feed it. Then say to yourself, “This is not me!” And let go of the negative thought. When you let go of the thought, you will see how beautiful your life can be. And you will see how great this life really is that God has given. Then in your meditation also, you will be more relaxed. Thinking positive is powerful in human beings. Through this positive thought, whatever you wish, you will create.

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