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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mirror of the Heart

Cleansing Heart Fire
Swami Vishwananda: The heart is like a mirror covered with dirt. As long as there is dirt over it, do you think you will see clearly? You will never see your reflection clearly with the heart covered. You will know there is a reflection, yes, but it will be very foggy. So, as long as you do not clean whatever is covering the heart, it’s difficult to see the light! Since the thing closest to us is the body, first your body has to be clean. When your body is clean, the mind is clean and when the mind is clean, the heart is clean. And when the heart is clean, the Divine light will shine through you and everybody will see it clearly.

Cleansed Heart of Light
Reflected in
So start every day by saying, “I’m God’s child and I have to be like the child of God!” Do this for yourself, for your own growth. You know what is good for you, so try your best to change. Take this strongly inside you and store it in your mind. Throughout the day keep remembering that you are love; you are trust; you are peace; you are unity; and you are joy! There’s no greater mantra; just sing, “I am love!” By singing, “I am love” you will always remember that you are a part of God."

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